Sunday, February 19, 2012

As you can see by the video, Sky loves to "feed the fish" and watch them swim around.  At the end of late Fall, we took our fish and released them in a local pond to have a happy, free swimming life.  Well, to our dissappointment, one fish was left in our pond and we didn't know it until Sky found it.  The poor fish was frozen in the pond, trapped on top in the ice. 

Sky and I went out one warmer day for some time outdoors, and he went over to the pond and sniffed and began pawing at the ice.  I walked over, and saw the fish.  I called Sky away from the pond because the next step would have been Sky on/in the pond.  Ken removed the fish after we came in the house. 

Well, now Sky makes a tour of sniffing the pond each time he goes outside.  He seems to be looking for the fish.  I don't know maybe he wants to eat it.  But, if you knew Sky, it wouldn't seem like it was in character for him.  Sky seems to be more concerned about helping small animals in stress than in eating them.   He has helped a very, very new born bird that fell out of it's nest by finding it and bringing  it to me without harming the bird.   Twice he has pointed out chipmunks trapped in our stone wall by whinning and looking at the spot there were trapped.  Who, knows, maybe he would have eaten them too?!  I really don't think so though.

Sky was right there when our grandaughter and I put tadpoles and the gold fish in the pond this summer, and he always helped feed them.  He has never gone into the pond to get the fish.  We told Peggy about his behavior today, and she suggested that he is looking for the fish because there was no closure for him.  So, we are going to go to a pet shop and see if we can purchase a dead fish put it into the pond and then have Sky go with Ken to get it out of the pond and dispose of it.  Will let you know how it turns out.

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