Friday, March 29, 2013

Well, I have to share this with everyone.  Today, 3/28/13, was Sky's day for a bath.  We gave him one outside.  I took him inside to start to dry him off. Later before lunch, I took him outside to brush him and let him dry and trim the fur on his feet.  I need my reading glasses for the trim part.  I did that for awhile and then put my glasses on a little table on our patio and Ken and I went to the front yard to do some yard clean up.  We were out there for about two hours and then we went in for lunch. Sky too.

After lunch, I brushed Sky again (didn't use my glasses) and Ken and I did some more  yard work in the front.  When we finished the yard work and we started to clean up, I started looking for my reading glasses.  They were no where to be found, either outside or inside.  I need those puppies to see close, so I had to find them.  Desperate times call for desperate methods.  I went inside and got my regular glasses, took Sky outside and let him sniff them and told him "go find".  I really didn't think it would work because they were different glasses.  Ken went one way looking, I another and Sky went around the area we had been in and was sniffing all around.  So I knew he was working.  I went further away with my back to him, and Ken's back was also to him.  All of a sudden Ken turned around and said,  "What does Sky have in his mouth?"  Sky was walking to me, and yes, he was bringing my reading glasses in his mouth.  We have no idea where he found them, but find them he did.  We are so proud of him.  He our course, was proud of himself.  (I wouldn't be surprised if he took them while we in the front yard and carried them somewhere)  However, sniffing my other glasses, he knew what I wanted and found them.  Yeah Sky.

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